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Leveraging our industry connections, we can quickly assess and clear any third‑party rights you need for your commercial projects allowing you to focus on telling your story on your terms.  If you have a project you would like to discuss, contact us. We’re happy to share our vast experience to support you.

Why Getty Images?

With over 25 years of experience clearing talent and intellectual property for a variety of promotional uses, we're making it easy for you to power your campaigns with unique content that is cleared for your project. Our team is based globally, with hubs in LA, Chicago, New York, London, Paris, and Tokyo, offering multi‑lingual clearance services in all territories.
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Access to the world’s largest commercial image archive
We offer unrivaled access to the content you need. By providing anything from iconic movie/tv moments in Warner Bros. Entertainment history to current events from the BBC, we strive to ensure that you have whatever you need for success. In other words, if your project needs it—we can get it.
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It’s fast and comprehensive
Our team works swiftly to clear the rights you need and provide complete security and protection for the rights we secured. All our rights and clearance work is 100% guaranteed, allowing you to focus on your projects with peace of mind.
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Extensive service
We can clear movie clips, viral videos, iconic landmarks, trademarks and any other third‑party rights for your commercial and promotional projects, efficiently negotiating the necessary licenses and permissions.

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Frequently Asked Questions
Can I use Editorial content in a commercial project? (Advertisements, promotional and marketing campaigns, advertorials, product packaging, merchandise, etc.)

Content intended for editorial use is generally created to illustrate:
  • News, sports, and entertainment events
  • Documentary and travel
  • Historical archival moments
Images and videos intended for editorial use don't have model or property releases, which generally means that they can't be used for commercial, promotional, advertorial, or endorsement purposes. However, with permission, you can license them for a commercial project. Note that depending on the context and scope of your project, you may need to secure additional releases. Our Rights & Clearance team can help you acquire the rights you need to use editorial content in your commercial project safely. Please contact us for more information.
My intended use is commercial, and the image I want to use does not have a model or property release. What should I do?
Editorial content often features real people, in real locations, engaged in real activities and is not provided with model or property releases. Model and property releases ensure that people and owners of properties depicted in an image/video have given their permission for the image to be used for non‑editorial uses, such as commercials, social media posts, and brochures. If the context in which you are planning to use the image or clip is commercial or promotional, you may need a release depending on the content you have selected. Please contact us for help on obtaining additional permissions and releases or for more information.
The image I want to use contains identifiable people, buildings, products, logos, or works of art. Should I be worried?
Not necessarily. If your project is editorial, you may not need a release (examples of editorial usages include articles in a newspaper or magazine; a book or textbook; a documentary film; a factual social post or television newscast).

But if your project is commercial (i.e., it promotes a good or service), it is advisable to obtain additional permissions.

Note: if the archival content you want to use contains people/properties that are not identified yet are clearly visible, we may be able to offer our unmatched indemnification in the form of an Image Guarantee, which makes using unreleased content a secure option. Contact us to discuss possible solutions we can offer for your project.
What does the Getty Images Rights & Clearance service offer?
Rights & Clearance is the multilayer process of identifying and securing intellectual property and publicity rights for use in projects, such as advertising, corporate videos, social media, TV & film productions.

One image/video might contain multiple rights holders that may need to be cleared—copyright, talent, music, speeches, trademarks, artwork, to name a few. Sorting out all the rights required, seeking the clearances you need—and when you need them—can be confusing, complex, and time‑consuming. The Rights & Clearance team can handle all of this for you.

Getty Images' Rights & Clearance service offers 25 years of experience from a team of intellectual property experts, clearing talents, and rights holders for a wide variety of uses. We are a single source for all your licensing and rights clearance needs, leveraging our strong relationships with global rights holders to quickly secure the underlying rights needed for your projects.

Our Rights & Clearance services navigate through the complex clearance layers to provide an initial free assessment, negotiating the best deals with rights holders, and executing attorney‑approved contracts and payments, so you're free to focus on what's most important: being creative.

When clearance isn't possible, we may be able to offer our industry‑leading indemnification in the form of an Image Guarantee, which makes using unreleased content a secure option. All of our Rights & Clearance services are guaranteed to protect you from legal risk and give you peace of mind with the content you've chosen. Contact us to discuss possible solutions we can offer for your project.

Our initial assessment of your project is free, and we will always discuss potential costs before liaising with any third‑party rights‑holders on your behalf.
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