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Editorial video

Scottish art scene: Success of The Glasgow School of Art

Scottish art scene: Success of The Glasgow School of Art; SCOTLAND: Edinburgh: Glasgow School of Art: INT Close shots of paintings (voiceover mentions artist Ken Curry) Close shot painting (voiceover says by Peter Howson) Peter Howson (Artist) painting as female sitter holds a skull Side view Howson painting as sitter in background ZOOM IN painting Peter Howson (Artist) interview SOT - On Glasgow School of Art Edinburgh cityscape as seen through windows PAN paintings on wall (inside school) People in workroom Stephen Conroy (Artist) interview SOT - On why felt had to come to this school Clare Henry (Exhibition Organiser) interview SOT - The talent's always been here and why been successful at school Scottish National Gallery of Modern Art: EXT Men dragging huge canvas by Sam Ainsley (Artist) across ground PAN People watching Canvas being lifted into place on front facade of gallery Man looking on Men fixing canvas in place PULL OUT as canvas has title of exhibition 'The Vigorous Imagination' attached INT Waldemar Januszczak (Art critic, The Guardian) interview SOT - On the background of artists / what makes them different from English counterparts CUTAWAYS Close shot detail from painting Two paintings Close shot detail Ditto Ditto PAN Peter Howson interview SOT - About one of his paintings to do with football & how he was chased by skinheads CUTAWAYS Football painting by Howson Close shots of painting Painting by Stephen Conroy ZOOM IN Another Stephen Conroy interview SOT - Looks back beyond twentieth century / life classes at Glasgow CUTAWAY Close shot painting Hand using stick to point out part of sculpture by David Mach made from newsprint called 'Outside In' David Mach (Sculptor) interview SOT - Describes his sculpture 'Outside In' CUTAWAYS 'Outside In' sculpture shows avalanche of newsprint coming through door carrying things away with it 'Outside In' TILT DOWN Januszczak intervi...