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North London headteacher named Britain's Headteacher of the Year

North London headteacher named Britain's Headteacher of the Year; ENGLAND: London: Barnet: Copthall School: INT Evelyn Forde (Headteacher) setup shots as standing at front of classroom speaking to students SOT CUTAWAY students listening as sat at desks Student answering question SOT GV Forde leading class (unheard) Evelyn Forde (Headteacher) speaking to students about Kamala Harris SOT CUTAWAY student listening GV reporter listening Gv students listening to Forde and girl in F/G raising hand EXT PULL FOCUS sign 'COPTHALL SCHOOL RECEPTION' INT Student speaking SOT GV poster on wall 'ASPIRATION' GVs students listening to Forde (unheard) Low angle side view Forde leading class (unheard) Evelyn Forde (Headteacher) interview SOT CUTAWAY reporter and Forde sitting together (seen from end of hallway), reporter listening Various shots paintings / portraits by students on wall in hall Evelyn Forde (Headteacher) as asked question SOT EXT GV windows and bare branches in F/G GV entrance INT Forde interview SOT CUTAWAYS Forde and reporter, Evelyn's arms, rear view feet, reporter listening GV sign 'KNOWLEDGE' GV sign 'IS' GV sign 'POWER'
North London headteacher named Britain's Headteacher of the Year : Stock Footage Video
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