Are these the 10 priciest cities to live in?

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By Kristine Liao

Considering making a move? The 2017 Mercer Cost of Living Survey measures expenses for expatriates in cities around the world. Before you book any tickets, take a look at this list of the Top 10 cities that will empty your wallet.

10. Bern

Up three spots from last year, this Swiss city makes the cut for this year's list.

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9. New York City

New York City ranked as the most expensive city in the Americas, climbing two spots from last year.

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8. Shanghai

Although most Chinese cities fell in the rankings this year, Shanghai holds on to its place in the top 10.

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7. Geneva

Switzerland makes another appearance on the list, this time with Geneva.

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6. Seoul

Rising nine spots from 2016, the South Korean capital returns to the top 10 list after a year of absence.

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5. singapore

Singapore continues to attract expatriates as one of the world's key financial hubs.

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4. zurich

Zurich remains Europe's most expensive city and is the third Swiss city to make the list.

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3. tokyo

Tokyo beats Singapore this year as Asia's second most costly city, and jumped up two spots from last year as a result of the strengthening Japanese yen.

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2. Hong kong

Hong Kong drops to second place this year but remains Asia's most expensive city. It is the fifth Asian city to rank in the top 10.

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1. Luanda

Despite its weakening currency against the US dollar, Luanda, Angola takes the top spot this year as the most expensive city for expatriates due to its cost of goods and securities.

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