68 reasons why Meryl Streep is awesome

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While she really needs no introduction and her accomplishments are varied, numerous and incredible, let’s break down just a few reasons why Meryl is truly fabulous.

1. She received the highest civilian honor, the Presidential Medal of Honor.

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2. She’s met the Queen. THE QUEEN.

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3. She’s an activist.

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4. Ryan Gosling is #TeamMeryl.

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5. She’s got lots of famous friends!

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6. The cast of “Hamilton” basically won the lottery when they met.

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7. She was in that epic Oscars selfie.

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8. The one and only Sofia Loren is obsessed!

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9. With 20, she has more Oscars nominations than anyone. Ever.

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10. She also holds the record for Golden Globe nominations (30) and also the record for wins (8).

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