Yoga in the animal kingdom

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Think yoga is out of your reach? That yogi-bear-a above is doing it all, without even using a mat. And the rest of these animals, well, they're just posers.

1. Corpse pose

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2. Mountain pose

Thomas kitchin victoria hurst/first light//Getty Images

3. Wheel pose

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4. Cobra pose

katya_kani/istock/Getty Images

5. Garland pose

orange_blossom/istock/Getty Images

6. Triangle pose

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7. Handstand pose

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8. Cow face pose

anup shah/corbis documentary/Getty Images

9. Tree pose

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10. Monkey pose

gravity giant productions/stone/Getty Images

11. Warrior II pose

anup shah/corbis documentary/Getty Images

12.  Hand to big toe pose

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13. Downward facing dog

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14. Forward Fold

gallo images - peter lillie/riser/Getty Images

15. Partner yoga

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