Raina Rose

Portland, OR United States

Genres:Folk, Country - Alternative, Alternative Pop, Pop - Adult Contemporary, Rock - Alternative Pop
Bio: Raina Rose is a sinner/songwriter born on the day the music died. She sings americana-folk songs of long travels, fictional characters, time that plays tricks and the tricks that governments play with a biting honesty. Starting her life in Los Angeles during the Regan era, her family soon emigrated to lovely Portland, OR where Raina cut her teeth on the notable music scene. Raina took off on tour in late 2005 and has been at it ever since. Thanks to the campfires of the Kerrville Folk Festival, Raina found the draw of the Austin music community too strong and now calls the Live Music Capital of the World her homebase. Raina has appeared at High Sierra Music Festival in '06, '07 & '09, The Kerrville Folk Festival in '10, Storyhill Fest in '10, and Oregon Country Fair in '09.
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