Metaform / Dead Sea Stereo

Washington DC, DC United States

Bio: Justice Aaron (aka Metaform, aka Dead Sea Stereo) is a hip-hop/rock music producer/musician who splits his time between Tokyo, Los Angeles, and San Francisco. His instrumental opus, Standing on the Shoulders of Giants (JUST Records) was written, produced and engineered by Metaform at his various home studios over a five year period in which he kept in deep isolation. Since its release, the album has received press in several major publications including URB, REMIX, CMJ, XLR8R, and Alternative Press. Reviews have also been posted on blogs (Blogarhythms, Reminisce & Popmatters), iTunes and Metaform is the name of his Hip-Hop/Electronic project. Dead Sea Stereo is the name of his
rock/metal project.

Justice grew up in Los Angeles in a musical household. His Dad played Leonard Cohen, Simon and Garfunkel, and Ravi Shankar records, while Mom listened to Whitney Houston and Curtis Mayfield. His parents divorced in 1988 and soon after he moved to San Francisco with his mother and three sisters. He spent the year of 1998 as an intern at Spark Studios in Oakland, California, in which time he had experience working with E-40, Tone Capone, and Scarface. He spent the year of 1999 shipping records for TRC distribution at which time he delved deeper into the already buzzing Bay-Area Hip-Hop scene. From 2000-2005, he worked as a free-lance sound engineer and worked with many high-profile acts including:
DJ Jazzy Jeff, Afrika Bambaataa, Pharcyde, Hieroglyphics, Living Legends, Goapele, Zion-I, and many others. He graduated from San Francisco State University in 2005 before moving back to Los Angeles and then to Tokyo.

Justice began playing piano at age 7, guitar at age 13 and at age 16 he started a heavy metal band with two classmates; they mostly played Metallica and Slayer covers. At age 18 he joined the now defunct San Francisco punk rock band, The Breakouts, as rhythm guitar and they played several club shows in San Francisco. After the The Breakouts, he met 4X-ampL (who now resides in Montreal) in an audio engineering class. The two quickly became friends and formed the rock group Team USA (along with Casten on drums), he played guitar and contributed vocals. Simultaneously, he and 4X-ampL formed the electronica duo Razed High. During this time he was known as Hai-Ding, a play on words in that he was "in hiding" and working on what would later become Standing on the Shoulders of Giants.
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