Summer lovin': The best spots to smooch


By David Shor and Carly Roye

Is summer lovin’ your idea of having a blast? If you want that hot-weather fling (who needs labels?) to last till winter, keep it exciting and fresh. Here are 18 places for kissing that will keep things spearmint cool.

1. In a field

mark peterson/corbis historical/Getty Images

Let's start with something easy and simple. Find some grass, plop down on it, pucker those lips and lean in. Pro tip: Bring a blanket if it's been raining outside: wet grass < wet lips.

2. In the sand

manfred rutz/moment mobile/Getty Images

Not only is it great for burying (if you're into that kinda thing), but with the ocean just a few steps away, have no worries about getting a little dirty. Pro tip: People have been looking great on the beach for ages; take some inspiration from them for your beach looks

3. In a sunset

squared/Getty Images

Honestly, what could be more picture-esque? Pro tip: Get someone to take a picture of your silhouette and you will look so so cool.


mario tama/Getty Images

Nothing gets you in the spirit like an exhilarating event. So throw on some fancy clothes, find someone happy to be there too and share a kiss. Pro tip: Sometimes masks can be fun but sometimes they can be creepy. Use selectively.

5. In your photo bucket

filippo monteforte/afp/Getty Images

Making out is great, but just remember: pics or it didn't happen. Pro tip: Vertical pics make your lips looks glossier. Or they don't. One of the two.

6. In fire circle ... with (non-flammable) flowers in your hair

sergei supinsky/afp/Getty Images

Kissing brings us back to our fundamental selves, so embrace the energies and the elements of the world around you. Pro tip: Seriously, no matter how hot you're feeling, stay away from the fire. It can be painful.

7. In a fountain

bertrand guay/afp/Getty Images

When the cement steps are far too hot to sit on, try taking off your clothes and taking a dip into the nearest possible fountain. If there's spraying water, all the better; get in there and cool off! Pro tip: Security guards hate getting their uniforms wet, so sometimes the middle of the fountain is your safest space for those relaxation sensations.

8. In a boat

oli scarff/Getty Images

So cute, but don't rock the boat too much or else you'll fall in. Pro tip: Don't fall in. You may think it's funny until it's actually happened to you at which point it's just embarrassing.

9. In uniform

john phillips/stringer/Getty Images

Even superheroes take some time away for the most important things, even on a rainy summer day. Pro tip: Leave babies at home if you are actually doing any crime fighting.

10. In a river

matej divizna/Getty Images

Let the current of the water set the pace of things. Go with it! Enjoy it! Pro tip: Super strong currents (aka white water rafting) = horrible places to make out if you want to keep your tongue. I'm telling you. Horrible.

11. in a festival

mario tama/Getty Images

Parades, festivals, pretty much any huge outdoor party = great place for those sunny smooches. Pro tip: If you're going to walk and make out, it may help to hold hands, shoulders, or anything else to stay balanced mid-kiss.

12. In matching outfits

ed jones/afp/Getty Images

According to science, summer love is half compatibility and half coordination. If you're matching, it probably means great things ahead. Pro tip: It starts with the shoes, so find someone who shares that style sense and you'll begin on a run. 2nd pro tip: No scientist ever said that, but it seems like it could be true!

13. In celebration

jewel samad/afp/Getty Images

There's nothing more fun then a kiss to commemorate something great. Like a cool new t-shirt, or a promotion at work, or a piece of historic landmark legislation. Pro tip: If you're really smiley and happy and are emitting positive energy, people will be happy to support your PDA.


bernard/sygma/Getty Images

The worst part about summer make-outs is the fear of getting find a spot outside of the sun! Pro tip: Bonus points if you can get out of sight using a super-conspicuous barrier like a pile of surfboards.

15. In the sparkling light

jorge guerrero/afp/Getty Images

There's no two ways about it, some people (particularly those you just met randomly at that dance party) look better in darkness. That can feel a little more romantic when fireworks are added to the equation. Pro tip: Don't ever try setting off fireworks while making out. Bad idea. Really bad idea.

16. in your golden years

andrew burton/Getty Images

It's never too late in life for some warm-weather romancing. Pro tip: You haven't hit the best years yet.

17. In the shadow of the eiffel tower 

pascal le segretain/Getty Images

Rumor has it, Paris is romantic. Cliché or not, seems worth the try. Pro tip: There's a reason they call it French kissing. 

18. In the cutest way possible

margaret chute/moviepix/Getty Images

D'awwwwwwwww! Pro tip: You'll never be this cute. Don't try to be.


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