Rugby World Cup 2011

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Rugby World Cup 2011
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From kick off to final. From highs to lows. All our coverage is available in real time. So you can get it, as it happens.

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Everything RWC 2011

Get all the lead-up, training sessions, press conferences, behind-the-scenes images, venue and footage coverage. Whatever your story, or project, we've got what you need.

New Zealand imagery

New Zealand imagery

Kick off your coverage with shots of the host country. We have an incredible choice of New Zealand imagery.

Rugby World Cup Archive

Rugby World Cup Archive

Discover past imagery of all the teams and every World Cup in our archive - perfect for retrospectives and establishing.

Volume arrangements

We can tailor a package of Rugby World Cup 2011 coverage to suit your needs – and, of course, we can offer pricing based on volume and deliver content to you via our feeds. So, speak to your sales contact now.

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If you have approval from the IRB to use content commercially, we can help you gain the appropriate rights and clearance to leverage your Rugby World Cup 2011 sponsorship.


With our Media Manager and Daylife services, we can help you make the most of your coverage and keep close tabs on all the assets which are generated.

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